Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Skies Are Blue

Some days, you just need to be reminded of your fundamental true loves. Like this song... it always brings me back to balanced. Happy Tuesday! 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Adrenaline Junkie

Methinks I have become an adrenaline junky. When it came to televisions shows and movies... I used to be all about the drama... or the musical (ahem... see end of post). Now, all of my TV loves increase my heart rate, and can usually make me squeal with excitement and/or disgust AT LEAST once during an episode.

THE WALKING DEAD is one of my fave shows. It took over my better judgement, making me think that EVERYONE should watch this show. How could they not love it?! I even tried to get my mom to watch it. Seriously... do you guys know my mom?? But I must have been pretty convincing, because she watched the first 15 minutes of Season 1, Episode 1. At that point there has only been like one zombie... it was the suspense that did her in.

Needless to say, this show is so awesome and addicting, that I need not look far for someone to talk about it with. I have a coworker, family, friends, and of course, Facebook. I can't go too many days without watching the latest episode, otherwise it will all get ruined.

Why do I love a show about zombies? Because it's not about zombies. It is about people and the choices they make, when that is all they have to hold on to. I love The Walking Dead because it feels so real to me. So raw. What would I do? Would I maintain my integrity- stick to my morals? It is so fascinating to me to see the choices the characters make... and I just love them. All of them.

Who else could make a poncho look this cool???

Next on the adrenaline pumping list, is THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Yeah, I said it. Vampire Diaries. I fought this one for a while, and then my good friend Netflix showed me the way. What a crazy show! It sucks you right in and doesn't let you go. And I am so hooked on these adrenaline rushes that I can't let it go. After watching The Walking Dead, I'm like, "What other crazy/intense show can we watch next?!"

So, we watch a show about vampires, witches, obnoxious teenagers, werewolves... and we all have a grand old time. :) DELENA!!!!!

Another heart racer... PERSON OF INTEREST. Jim Caviezel. Do I have to say more? HE IS SO COOL.

I saved the best for last. Freaking HOMELAND. What an AWESOME show!!! Addicted doesn't cover it. Homeland pretty much overshadowed every other TV show in my life when I first started watching it just less than a month ago. I would think about it during the day, and couldn't wait to get home to watch it with J. And can I just say... I LOVE Damian Lewis. We watched him on the show Life, fell in love, and since then my love has continued to blossom. What a great actor! And freaking Claire Danes... she is crazy. I don't like her... but I think that's the point. Because you DO like her, and root for her... but you don't want to. And then there is Mandy Patinkin. Freakin' Mandy. You were in Yentl, so how could my love not be strong for you?

So, there is my adrenaline lineup. The Walking Dead mid-season finale jujst happend, and the Homeland season finale is in just a few days... what will I do?? Well, I have already started to fill the holes in my heart with some of my previous loves... PARENTHOOD and GLEE.

I will lighten the mood for Christmas, and then by the end of January I should be ready for some more zombie killing, terrorist hunting, vampire biting action. Good times. :)